MQT Bench

Benchmarking Software and Design Automation Tools for Quantum Computing


Quantum software tools for a wide variety of design tasks on and across different levels of abstraction are crucial in order to eventually realize useful quantum applications. This requires practical and relevant benchmarks for new software tools to be empirically evaluated and compared to the current state of the art. While benchmarks for specific design tasks are commonly available, the demand for an overarching cross-level benchmark suite is not fully met yet and there is no mutual consolidation in how quantum software tools are evaluated thus far. In this work, we propose the MQT Bench benchmark suite (as part of the Munich Quantum Toolkit (MQT)) based on four core traits: (1) cross-level support for different abstraction levels, (2) accessibility via an easy-to-use web interface (, (3) provision of a broad selection of benchmarks to facilitate generalizability, as well as (4) extendability to future algorithms, gate-sets, and hardware architectures. By comprising more than 30.000 benchmark circuits ranging from 2 up to 130 qubits on four abstraction levels, MQT Bench presents a first step towards benchmarking different abstraction levels with a single benchmark suite.

arXiv:2204.13719 [quant-ph]
Lukas Burgholzer
Lukas Burgholzer
PhD Student

My research interests include design automation for quantum computing, decision diagrams, and in particular equivalence checking of quantum circuits