QCEC: A JKQ tool for quantum circuit equivalence checking


Quantum computing is gaining serious momentum in these days. With increasing capabilities of corresponding devices also comes the need for efficient and automated tools to design them. Verification, i.e., ensuring that the originally intended functionality of a quantum algorithm/circuit is preserved throughout all layers of abstraction during the design process, is a vital part of the quantum software stack. In this work, we present QCEC, a tool for quantum circuit equivalence checking which is part of the JKQ toolset for quantum computing. By exploiting characteristics unique to quantum computing, the tool allows users to efficiently verify the equivalence of two quantum circuits using a variety of methods and strategies.

Software Impacts
Lukas Burgholzer
Lukas Burgholzer
PhD Student

My research interests include design automation for quantum computing, decision diagrams, and in particular equivalence checking of quantum circuits