Improved DD-based Equivalence Checking of Quantum Circuits


Abstract—Quantum computing is gaining considerable momentum through the recent progress in physical realizations of quantum computers. This led to rather sophisticated design flows in which the originally specified quantum functionality is compiled through different abstractions. This increasingly raises the question whether the respectively resulting quantum circuits indeed realize the originally intended function. Accordingly, efficient methods for equivalence checking are gaining importance. However, existing solutions still suffer from significant shortcomings such as their exponential worst case performance and an increased effort to obtain counterexamples in case of non-equivalence. In this work, we propose an improved DD-based equivalence checking approach which addresses these shortcomings. To this end, we utilize decision diagrams and exploit the fact that quantum operations are inherently reversible – allowing for dedicated strategies that keep the overhead moderate in many cases. Experimental results confirm that the proposed strategies lead to substantial speed-ups – allowing to perform equivalence checking of quantum circuits factors or even magnitudes faster than the state of the art.

In Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference
Lukas Burgholzer
Lukas Burgholzer
PhD Student

My research interests include design automation for quantum computing, decision diagrams, and in particular equivalence checking of quantum circuits